Hello everyone & welcome to Ro & Friends, Pet Boutique. We thought we would introduce our brand a little.

We are a husband & wife duo who have a strong passion & love for our dogs!

We had the idea to start a pet boutique, which happened to be on the 1 year anniversary since our pet had sadly passed. Which is where we got part of the name for. Our chihuahua was named Romeo, and we called him Ro for short. The “& Friends” represents all of the pets out there who could have been his friend. And of course our 4 dogs we have together.

We really hope you’ll stick around for the journey of our boutique.

We will be doing live videos showing the stock we have, as well as having our dogs model. So you can see what size might fit your pooch best. As well as raffles & giveaways!

Lots of love,
Ro & Friends xx