Hello everyone & welcome to Ro & Friends, Pet Store. We thought we would introduce our luxury brand a little.

We are a husband & wife duo who have a strong passion & love for our dogs!

We had the idea to start a pet boutique, which happened to be on the 1 year anniversary since our pet had sadly passed. This is where we had the inspiration of the name. Our chihuahua was named Romeo, and we called him Ro for short. The “& Friends” represents all of the pets out there who could have been his friend. And of course our 4 dogs we have together.

Lauren had left school early with ungradable results in her GCSEs but always had a strong entrepreneurial side, determined to succeed. Ryan was always interested in building his own business to ensure stability for our future. We started out our boutique selling from our small hallway cupboard, within the first 8 months our small business was ready to move into its first office space. In the next 4 months never would of expected to outgrow that 1st work space! We then moved into our first unit. 17 months later we needed EVEN more space and got the keys to our first official store. Which is opening on September 30th 2023. Our journey so far has been bigger than our wildest dreams. We continue to document and share our experiences as young business owners & life partners on social media. We love the family we have built online, and hope that continues to grow as we do. Thank you for your support so far, let’s see where our journey will take us.

Lots of love,
Ro & Friends xx