Cocoa Butter NeutraHaze Pet Bed Wash

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Cocoa Butter – A creamy fragrance with notes of cocoa butter, toffee, chocolate, vanilla, cream and musk.


Neutrahaze Non Bio pet bed wash laundry detergent cleans and refreshes even the dirtiest of pet bedding and fabrics. The sensitive formula is designed for use around animals and contains Neutrahaze odour eliminating technology. Get the ultimate washing results cleaned and smelling great.

How to use:

Add 75ml to your washing machine, and select the most suitable cycle. For hand washing add 75ml to warm water. For heavily soiled areas and stains, apply neat and scrub the affected area before washing as normal.

<5% Non-ionic surfactants, Optical brightening agent, Parfum, Enzyme, Benzisothiazolone. 5-15% Anionic surfacants. 15-30% Phosphates.

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Cocoa Butter NeutraHaze Pet Bed Wash

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