Coco & Sandalwood NeutraHaze Odour Eliminator Gel


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NeutraHaze Professional odour eliminator gel is specifically designed for your pet odour needs. Made to neutralise all airborne smells instead of just masking them. The active ingredients bind to odours at a molecular level, eliminating the odour permanently. Stop just covering up bad smells and finally remove them.

How to use:
Shake the pot to agitate contents. Remove lid and ensure pot is kept on a flat surface to reduce risk of spillage. Gel can be decanted in to other suitable containers to be used in more areas or to use a smaller portion. Air flow over the gel increases the dispersion of the product speeding up the odour removal process.

Where to use:
Use to combat any odorous conditions at home, in the workplace, cars, motorhomes, pet odours, smoke odours, damp odours, plant odours, almost any odour can benefit from the use of odour eliminating gel.

How to keep pets safe:
This product is safe to use around children and pets. Do not allow ingestion as product will swell causing serious harm, keep product out of the reach of children and pets to avoid this risk. After handling product ensure hands are washed.

1000 kg
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