Puppy Paws – Shitzu Snap Bar


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Puppy Powder – Baby Powder

A powdery warm floral combination of rose, Jasmin and geranium, containing powdery aldehydic back notes.

All our products are safe to be used around pets, we always stipulate that products should be kept out of reach of pets and children to avoid any accidents.

Can I use your wax melts in an electric wax warmer?

Yes you can!  Our wax has been blended & created by us to be used in both tea-light & electric wax warmers, during testing we found that electric warmers using at least a 40w halogen bulb worked the best but had success across a full variety of warmers from hot plates to element wax warmers

How many times can I melt a cube of wax & how much do i need to use?

We will let you into a little  secret, weather you use 1 chunk of wax melt or 2, the scent will be the same strength! 

You are diffusing the oils within the uniquely blended wax melts we create so putting more into your wax burner will only use it up quicker & wont be any stronger. 

1 chunk is plenty and each 50g bar will give you over 40 hours of aroma when used like this, even longer in an electric warmers!

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8 × 1 × 12 cm
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