CRAVE Natural Protein Chew Beef & Liver


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CRAVE Protein Chew is a high protein dog treat, safe chew for your dog to enjoy

Help your dog realise their instinctive desire to chew with chewy dog treats like the CRAVE Beef & Liver Protein Chew

CRAVE Protein Chew is a High Protein beef dog treat, Grain Free and made with 100% Natural Beef Liver

CRAVE Small Protein Chew are small dog treats designed for dogs sized 6-15kg, providing them with a safe, high protein dog chew to enjoy

At CRAVE, we understand that dogs want the taste and nutrition of a dog food diet that’s rich in animal proteins and the reason is simple. Protein-rich diets provide the nutrients for a strong and healthy canine, with the right amount of energy to play. Like the diets of their wild dog ancestors, CRAVE dog chew and dog treat recipes are always crafted with high-quality animal protein. Our natural dog treats for training come in the flavours dogs love and are made without grains.

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