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      these 2 in 1 bowls come in 3 sizes and feature a tough melamine outer and stainless steel inner bowl. Small: 200ml Medium: 325ml Large: 650ml

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      Feeding Mat Collection features a tough PP Fascia with non slip EVA backing. Perfect to accessorise your CatwalkDog bowl or just to add a bit of fun to your kitchen!

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        Plant-Based, strawberry flavour dental chews for dogs, air-dried for an effective chew. With mint and eucalyptus oil to freshen breath and calcium that helps maintain teeth. Edgard & Cooper’s doggy dental chew sticks are air-dried so it takes ages to chew through them, which means a deeper, more effective…

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      Sea creature shaped, sweet potato based vegan chews for dogs from Pawtato! Now in a pack of exclusively small sized chews! These delicious chews are made with sustainably farmed kelp, wakame and spirulina for a taste of the sea! The smaller sized chews makes them ideal for small or toy…

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      A tasty complementary drink to your dogs daily water intake, designed specifically to aid your dogs well being. Is your dog refusing to drink water or you want your dog to drink more? These tasty dog drinks will be hard for your dog to refuse and contain a great range…

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      Peanut Butter Canine Ketchup is the same delicious mixture as Original with added Peanut flavouring. It’s a blend of natural vegetables and fruit; butternut squash, carrot, sweet potato, tomato, apple and sunflower oil.  

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      • Wild and tasty dog chew treats • Chews made with real meat • No added salt and low in fat • Helps keep healthy teeth and gums • Assorted shapes and colours (random shape supplied) • 50g Individual Treats

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      Vegetable Peanut Butter Filled Antler 11cm The natural peanut butter in our peanut butter filled antlers is 100% peanuts and nothing else! Meaning that it’s also Xylitol and Palm oil free, the delicious chews are in a fun Antler shape with bumps along the surface for texture and helping to reduce…

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      Veggie Dual-Sided Bones Proving to be most popular with our retailer and their customers alike. Peanut Butter is very popular and in the classic bone shape with a great RRP, you cant go wrong with a box of Peanut Butter Dual Sided Bones. 100% peanut butter – xylitol and palm…

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      1 Single pcs. Elkwood Veggie Antler Treats veggie formula uses sweet potato and pea flour which makes these treats gluten free. This ensures they are easy to digest, low in fat whilst remaining delicious. Dental chews are a great way to help reduce plaque and clean your dog’s teeth with…

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      Formulated with 100% natural Himalayan Cheese with 99.9% cow’s milk, these chews are packed full of calcium and protein to support healthy bone and muscle growth – the ideal treat for your four-legged friend. Crafted with the finest ingredients from Belgium 100% natural Himalayan cheese 99.9% cows milk Packed full…

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      Buffalo ear, tripe stick, pig ear, rabbit ear, trachea, flattie, pizzle, maxi rib, sprats, fish cubes, pig snout

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      Sprats, rabbit ear, sausages, sprat bites, salmon burgers, mini bites

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      Sprats, pig ear, rabbits ear, chicken feet, coins, pig snout, sausages, chicken sausages, fish flatty, chicken liver sticks, mini horn, pizzle

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      REDUCES ANXIETY, BOREDOM AND DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOUR – LickiMat helps calm and soothe your pet as they enjoy their favourite treat by helping release endorphins through the promotion of licking.  Great for when you leave home, great for stressful times such vet visits, injections, bath time, nail clipping, injury recovery as well…

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      At Applaws, we believe that making pet food matters. It’s all we do. We believe and trust in the goodness of a food that starts with the highest quality ingredients. We call it natural simplicity 100% Natural – Nothing added, Nothing hidden 99% Tuna – We only insist on only…

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      Whole roasted bones are slowly roasted in our ovens to obtain a perfect golden colour and perfect texture. This method has been passed down through generations, we know how to cook a perfect jurassic bone every time. These jurassic bones will provide your dog with long lasting enjoyment and regular…

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      Our New Ostrich Curls are here! Full of natural vitamins and minerals, they are the perfect anytime snack! Our Signature Ostrich Curls are easy to digest & naturally healthy:- Super low fat and low odour Perfect healthy anytime treat Naturally rich in vitamins & minerals Suitable for puppies over 12…