Benevo Pawtato Ocean Treats Grain Free


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Sea creature shaped, sweet potato based vegan chews for dogs from Pawtato!

Now in a pack of exclusively small sized chews!

These delicious chews are made with sustainably farmed kelp, wakame and spirulina for a taste of the sea!

The smaller sized chews makes them ideal for small or toy breeds

With 8 small chews per pack your dog will have fun nibbling their way through Pufferfish, Starfish, Dolphin or seahorse shaped chews.

These chews are made with a wheat-free, grain-free recipe, making them an excellent hypoallergenic choice for those with sensitivities.

Not only are these treats tasty, but they come in an environmentally friendly biodegradable pouch!

Each purchase of Pawtato Ocean Treats, means a donation from Pawtato to marine conservation projects, meaning that not only are these treats safe for our oceans, but take steps towards making a positive difference to them too.


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