Peanut Butter Filled Antler


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Vegetable Peanut Butter Filled Antler 11cm

The natural peanut butter in our peanut butter filled antlers is 100% peanuts and nothing else! Meaning that it’s also Xylitol and Palm oil free, the delicious chews are in a fun Antler shape with bumps along the surface for texture and helping to reduce plaque along the way. Xylitol-Free Peanut Butter for Dogs, Palm Oil free, Gluten-free, Grain-free vegan based dog snack, Rawhide-free & Meat-free dog chew, Grain-free, Sugar-free, Low in Fat, Helps Reduce Plaque, Aids Digestion

Composition: Sweet Potato Flour, Pea Flour, 100% Peanut Butter (does not contain xylitol) Vegetable Glycerine, Vegetable Oil, Dried Brewers Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Flavours, Potassium Sorbate

Analysis: Moisture( max 15%) Crude ash(max 5%) Crude fibre (max 5%) Crude protein (min 3.5%) Crude fat (min 1%)

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