Makspatch Dog Treats. Fruit & Veg Dental Bone


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Our newest addition to the vegan snack gang is the makspatch “bumpibone” The healthy vegan snack that helps clean dogs’ teeth. Groves & bumps on both sides helps prevent plaque & tatar build-up. Cleans lower & upper teeth when biting. Healthy & delicious flavours of spinach & apple plus sweet potato & blueberry Bumpibones come in 1 size

Ingredients Sweet potato flour, pea flour, vegetable glycerin, calcium carbonate, dried brewers yeast, vegetable oil. (green) dried spinach 3%, dried apple 2%, chia seeds 0.5% (purple) purple sweet potato 17.9%, dried blueberry 1%, chia seeds 0.5% Grain-free vegan based dog snack Rawhide-free & meat-free dog chew Grain-free Sugar-free Low in fat Light in protein Helps reduce plaque Aids digestion Gentle on dogs stomachs Shelf life 24 months

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