YowUp Dog Yogurt Articular 115g


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Includes Chondroprotectors, Collagen And Turmeric. Promotes Hydration, Improves Joints And Strengthens Your Bones. It Provides The Necessary Nutrients For Your Furry, Which Together With The Chicken, Becomes A Food That They Love.

Promotes Nutrition Of Articular Cartilage
Yogurt With Chondroprotectors, Dietary Supplements That Promote Hydration And Nutrition Of Articular Cartilage. In Addition, They Have Positive Effects On Cartilage And The Synovial Membrane, Which Is Why They Are Useful For Reducing Joint Problems.

The Use Of Chondroprotectors Offers More Benefits In Dogs With Mild Or Moderate Osteoarthritis (OA), Than In More Serious Injuries.

Osteoarthritis Is The Most Common Health Problem Among Dogs Of A Certain Age
A Large Number Of Dogs Suffer Joint Pain, Osteoarthritis, Injuries, Arthritis And Deformations That In Most Cases Compromise The Joint. Joint Pain Is Very Annoying And Causes Postural Changes And Lameness, Among Others.
Yowup! Articulate Is A Supplement That Helps Prevent This Type Of Problem. We Recommend You Visit A Medical Professional So That Your Furry, In Parallel, Receives A Personalized Treatment.

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