Cat Ceramic Pink Feeding Bowl


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  • Healthy ceramics, avoid black chin,our pet bowls are made of high-quality porcelain clay fired at high temperature. The porcelain is tight and hard,non-toxic harmless,no smell,it’s helpful for pet health.
  • Our ceramic pet bowls are elegant in shape,the width of the bowl is about 12cm(4.7 in), and the height of the bowl is about 7cm(2.8 in),capacity of ceramic cat dog bowls is about 400ml, you can use it to hold snack,food and water for kitten or adult cat, small dog.
  • Separate design, ceramic pet bowl with iron bowl rack, easy to pick and place, double-layer texture, heightened pet bowl, iron bowl rack is finely polished, non-slip and not easy to overturn, effectively prevent people and cats from scratching their hands.
  • According to the pet’s eating posture, the bowl mouth is inclined at 10.5°, which can relieve the pressure on the cervical spine during eating,reduce stomach pressure.Suitable bowl height is easy to feed and is also better protection of your pet’s spine.
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20 × 12 × 12 cm
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